Michigan Police Officers Surprise Boy With Party After No One Shows Up For His Birthday

Sion TouhigGetty Images

Grand Rapids police officers made one boy’s birthday a momentous occasion when they threw him a surprise party after no one showed up for his birthday.

Thomas Daniel’s birthday was getting off to a rough start when he missed the bus back on February 26. He could see the bus driving away as he approached the stop, and his attempts to flag it down did no good. Daniel, 9, was reduced to tears.

“I was sad I missed the bus, I just wanted to go to school. I started crying when it drove away,” Daniel said, according to M Live.

But all was not lost. Officer Austin Lynema happened to witness the entire event and offered to help the distraught boy out.

“He informed me he never missed a day of school. I wanted to make sure I could help him as much as I could,” the officer said.

While giving Daniel a ride home, Lynema learned that it was his birthday and that he was having a party after school. Daniel invited Lynema and the entire Grand Rapids Police Department to attend as he was afraid that no one else would be there because he was bullied at school.

After Lynema received permission to give Daniel a ride to school, he made sure he gave the youngster an entrance he wouldn’t forget — he turned on the cruiser’s lights and sirens as he pulled into the school parking lot.

But that wasn’t all Lynema wanted to do — he also wanted to make sure that Daniel had guests at his party.

“When he said he wasn’t sure if anyone would be at his party I wanted to be sure that somebody was going to be there.”

It was a good thing the officers did show up because none of Daniel’s friends were able to make it. But the officers wanted to do more for the young man.

In a Facebook post, the GRPD said Lynema noticed a cake was missing from the party, so the officers wanted to throw Daniel another party complete with a Krispy Kreme donut cake, presents, and a singing quartet.

And that is exactly what they did.

The police department shared photos of the party on Facebook, and said they looked forward to Daniel’s party next year.

“No kid should get bullied, and no kid should worry if anyone will come to the party. Next year Thomas Daniel, make sure you drop us that invite a little sooner. We wouldn’t want to miss it!” the post read.

As for Daniel, he said he would never forget what the officers did.

“People at school are happy for me because Austin … he never lets kids down, he’s a hero,” Daniel said. “I’ll never forget this until the day I die.”