Police Searching For Man Who Broke Into A Home, Stole A MagicBand, And Went To Walt Disney World

Danny Cox

Walt Disney World is a vacation destination that some people may never get to visit, while others save up for that one special trip. Of course, there are always those who don’t want to do things the right way — and that’s why the Winter Park Police Department is asking the public for help. They are looking for a man who broke into a home, stole a Disney MagicBand from a family, and used it to go to the Magic Kingdom.


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On their official Twitter account, the Winter Park Police Department posted a video asking for help in identifying a man that they say committed a crime. The video includes a still shot of the suspect, who is seen riding the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin attraction in the Magic Kingdom.

His photo was taken by the automatic PhotoPass system on the ride, one that takes pictures of every guest who enjoys it. Ironically enough, he is wearing a T-shirt featuring the Pizza Planet logo from the Toy Story franchise.

The suspect is wearing the MagicBand that was stolen from the home which was broken into. Police are searching for any information that can be provided to them, with the hope that it will help them identify him — resulting in his arrest.

Many on social media are already wondering how this suspect may have been able to use the MagicBand, given that it wasn’t assigned to him. It is a common misconception that MagicBands are attached to the fingerprint of the guest upon first use, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

The official Walt Disney World website reveals information about what they call the “Ticket Tag” service. On that page, Disney details what information is gathered by the service, and just how it works with the readers.

“In order to use Ticket Tag, you simply place your finger on a reader. The system, which utilizes the technology of biometrics, takes an image of your finger, converts the image into a unique numerical value and immediately discards the image. The numerical value is recalled when you use Ticket Tag with the same ticket to re-enter or visit another Park. Ticket Tag does not store fingerprints.”

Not all guests are required to use Ticket Tag to enter the parks, as they can just show a photo ID to match the name identified on their park ticket. It is not known how the suspect was able to enter the park with a MagicBand that isn’t assigned to him.

Guests flock to Magic Kingdom on a sunny day in Central Florida.
Featured image credit: Danny Cox

The Winter Park Police Department is seeking public help in finding a man who illegally entered a home, stole a Disney MagicBand, and visited the Magic Kingdom. There is not a lot of information known about him as of this time, but it is obvious that he likes Buzz Lightyear.