Ivanka Trump Is Being Ridiculed Online Following Kirstjen Nielsen’s Resignation

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Ivanka Trump has become the subject of much online mockery after her father, President Donald Trump, decided to sack former Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, following reports that he had been upset about the influx of immigrants from America’s southwestern border. Since assuming command in late 2017, Nielsen was responsible for supervising Trump administration’s controversial “zero tolerance” policy. The policy saw a number of immigrant children being separated from their parents at the border, with even Pope Francis questioning the merit of such a move, per CBS News.

Understandably, Nielsen was also the subject of much ire at home — in some cases, the protesters publicly confronted the former Secretary. Much of the brunt for Trump’s immigration policy was taken by her, but also by first daughter Ivanka Trump, whose social media posts about her children did not sit well with critics of the “zero tolerance” policy. Many Americans mocked Ivanka for being thick-skinned and celebrating familial moments when her father was responsible for breaking up immigrant families.

It is little wonder, then, that Ivanka Trump is once again the subject of ire on social media. According to Yahoo, her recent post on Instagram where her three-year-old son, Theodore, can be seen passed out on the floor of the bedroom he shares with his five-year-old brother, Joseph, did not go down well with a number of social media users already enraged with how Nielsen’s resignation came to pass.

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We may need to bring the crib back... ????

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“Meanwhile your dad refuses to reunite brown kids with their parents,” one commenter wrote.

“Got issues? Call ICE. #CAGESWORKFORYOURDAD,” wrote another commenter, referring to reports that children were locked up at the border following the implementation of the “zero tolerance” policy.

“Can you also get cribs for all the children you’re separating from their families at the border?” another user asked.

“What about cages?” comedian Joe Mande quipped. “Isn’t that your thing?”

While it would be inconsiderate to blame Donald Trump’s decisions on his daughter, critics argue that the usually level-headed Ivanka Trump does very little to impress the consequences of his actions on her father. When she was first appointed, critics expected Ivanka to “serve as a countervailing force for good in Donald Trump’s White House,” which, they argue, has not happened, according to The New York Magazine.

But Donald Trump’s supporters were quick to ward off the criticism, pointing out that liberal Americans could turn even a cute family picture into something much more serious.

“This is a private moment that she chose to share with the American people. All of you idiots that have some comment to say about this, shame on you all,” one of Ivanka Trump’s followers wrote.