Alliance Between 'Survivor' Castaways Rick & David Fractures

David Wright and Rick Devens of the former Lesu tribe bonded early on in Season 38 of Survivor.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, David and Rick developed such a deep trust for each other that it didn't take much for them to embrace being each other's ride-or-die as they entered a final two alliance together.

Their alliance took a bit of a hit when the Lesu tribe faced a hard choice a few weeks ago and decided to vote off Devens because of his likability. His former tribe mates further revealed their true colors when they immediately tried to vote him back out after he fought his way back into the game.

When Rick returned to the game, his bond with David picked up right where it left off. Things, however, took a turn for the worse during this week's episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction when the duo was unable to agree on a game plan.

David didn't think following behind the Kama tribe only to be picked off when they ran out of other former Lesu castaways made sense, but Rick was unable to trust or work with people who had previously stabbed him in the back.

Recognizing returning to the game would not be easy for Devens, the Survivor gods presented Rick with an immunity idol to help him fight to stay. The only catch is the idol was split in half and he had to share it with someone. If both he and the other person survived the next tribal council, the two halves could be put together to form an actual idol.

After disagreeing with Rick on what to do with the vote this week, David made the decision not to give Devens his half of the idol back as he feared he would do something irrational with it.

The facial expresses of Rick during the vote at tribal council confirmed the duo were never able to come to an agreement on what to do as he had no idea some of the former Kama tribe members made the decision to flip on one of their own.

Gold Derby polled fans of the CBS reality TV series who agreed it was too early to tell whether this would be the end of the alliance between Rick and David. A little more than half of those who have voted in the poll agreed they wanted to wait another week to see how things played out before they kissed the Devens and Wright duo goodbye.

On Twitter, some fans applauded David on his decision to hold onto his half of the idol while others found it shocking that he had that option.
A few thought Rick should have gotten the idol back from David before they discussed gameplay. Others were just sad to see the fractures forming in the bromance.