‘Survivor’ Castaway David Wright Secures Final Two During Second Episode

Despite being a returning castaway for Season 38, David Wright has managed to fly under the radar so far and seems to be in a pretty good place. In fact, the returnee managed to find and secure a final two with a newbie during this week’s episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers.

David and 33-year-old morning news anchor Rick Devens bonded deeply in this week’s episode and seemingly sealed the deal on a final two. The duo were seen chatting and strategizing through much of the episode, and Devens didn’t seem to take issue with the fact that David was a returning castaway.

In fact, there was even a moment where David openly acknowledged the fact that he understood it would be beneficial for Rick to agree to work with him only to cut his throat when they get to a final four. Devens – who admitted to wanting to use his “dad bod” to fly under the radar – jokingly agreed to go to the final four and then cut his partner’s throat.

As the episode continued and the Manu tribe eventually lost the immunity challenge, David and Rick were clearly controlling the votes and decisions at camp, even though they did so without anyone really noticing.

Wright acknowledged during the episode that Wentworth was a threat to his game, and he needed to go after her before she thought about coming after him. He, however, knew he had to be careful about it because it was important for her not to know it was coming.

Being recognized as a cutthroat player from past seasons, David doesn’t expect Kelley to keep him any longer than she needs him to further her own game.

Many fans of Survivor quickly picked up on the brewing final two alliance between David and Rick before taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the two castaways. For the most part, viewers of the CBS reality TV series were in love with the David and Rick team.

There were, however, a few fans who didn’t think the David and Rick alliance was going to work out.

According to Rick’s CBS profile, the news anchor hails from Georgia. He describes himself as a “funny, compassionate, and loyal” individual.

David Wright’s CBS profile, on the other hand, reveals that he hails from California and describes himself as “paranoid” and “nervous.”

Only time will tell if the bond between the two can turn into a power alliance, as Season 38 continues to move forward.

New episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction air every week on Wednesday nights on CBS.

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