Westford, MA Residents Applaud ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Withdrawal

Citizens of Westford Applaud Ban Withdrawal

Westford, MA – At a meeting of the town council on Wednesday night, over 400 residents of the Massachusetts town of Westford packed into an auditorium to listen to one of the town’s selectmen discuss a proposed restriction to ‘assault weapons’ in the township.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Robert Jeffries said, “This was meant to be a discussion within the town of Westford, a community discussion that’s gotten way, way beyond that.” According to CBS.

The proposed restriction would have applied to certain types of weapons with high capacity magazines. Selectmen Jeffries was quoted as saying that he expected there to be opposition, but was unprepared when no other towns in the state offered up similar proposals to their citizens.

This move comes in the wake of sweeping legislature on gun control in the United States and it is little surprise that the citizens are in favor of maintaining their weapons, especially if the number of gun sales is any indicator. More information on the particulars of President Obama’s plan can be found at Newsmax.

The town meeting, which was initially estimated to turn into a night long ordeal ended up lasting just over five minutes after the announcement of the withdrawal of the proposal.

In the video located at BreitBart, residents comment on the move by saying that they were happy the selectmen listened to the public. They displayed this reaction well with their thunderous applause in the small auditorium.

It is reactions like these from the people these sweeping laws impact that are telling as to the true stance many US citizens take when it comes to their second amendment rights.

What is your stance on gun control?