Bradley Cooper Not Losing Friends For Being ‘Self-Absorbed,’ Despite Rumors

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Although a recent report by Star magazine suggests that Bradley Cooper is losing friends due to his “self-absorbed” attitude, Brinkwire suggests that this information is false. The rumor comes from an unnamed source that claims that Cooper’s ego is spiraling out of control.

“A lot of his longtime supporters have just up and vanished, and he counted on them being a lot more vocal about the movie,” the Star Magazine source said.

The source added that Cooper’s friends are “sick of their superficial friend” and growing tired of his “inflated ego.”

Although the unknown source claims that Jennifer Garner is one of the actor’s friends that has cut ties with him due to his behavior change, Brinkwire reports that the two met up last week at his home with Cooper’s girlfriend, Irina Shayk, and his mother, Gloria, suggesting that the rumor is false.

Cooper was also seen having lunch with friend Freddie Prinze Jr. in Los Angeles. He was also at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles last week with his “Hangover” co-stars and other notable celebrities to tribute their late friend, comedian Brody Stevens.

OK! Magazine recently made a similar claim about Cooper’s ego, which also came from an unknown source.

“The fact that he expected to be handed a load of Oscars turned people off.”

The source added that although Cooper is “hoping to reconnect with some of his old buddies,” he “needs to stop taking himself so seriously” to do so.

As Gossip Cop reports, an unknown source close to Cooper denied the rumor.

“Nothing has changed with him. If you ask any of his friends they would say the same.”


According to Closer Weekly, Cooper is working on a song with Lady Gaga for her new album “to capitalize on their soaring popularity” following their romantic performance of “Shallow” at the 2019 Oscars on Sunday, February 24.

An insider spoke to Heat about the collaboration.

“Since singing ‘Shallow’ proved to be so popular with fans, they’ve come up with another song based on the doubts that young people can often feel about themselves, but are afraid to share with adults.”

Cooper and Gaga are also planning to do a charity duet to raise millions for the provision of mental health care in schools. Although the pair is reportedly excited to be working together again, Cooper’s girlfriend, Irina Shayk, is not as enthusiastic.

Shayk has previously stated that she does not want to talk about her relationship with Cooper to the public, as she wants to keep her fans separate from her personal life.