Mike Rowe Invites You To Get In His Pants For $6k -- Auction For Jean Quilt Reaches Epic Sum

Interested in Mike Rowe's jeans? He's offering you a chance to get in them -- or rather, under them. That is to say, he's auctioning off a lap-sized quilt a fan made from old pairs of Rowe's jeans, with the proceeds going to charity. The auction ends Sunday night just before 10 p.m. Eastern, so if you're interested, it's time to jump.

Mike Rowe calls it C.R.A.P.: Collectible, Rare, And Precious. In this case, it's a gorgeous denim lap quilt made by a fan named Judy Muche who runs The Quilt Cabinet.

Rowe says he was reluctant to auction the quilt and let it leave his own collection, but the money benefits his MikeRoweWORKS organization, which provides scholarships to hard-working individuals to help further their educations in their fields..

"Honestly, it kills me to part with this particular piece of C.R.A.P., but a deal is a deal, and the time has come for my worn and loyal jeans to serve a new master. They were good to my lap, and I trust they'll be good to yours, too."

You can find the quilt here -- as of Sunday afternoon, it has reached $5,800, from a starting bid of only $35. That's with eight hours of bidding remaining.

Fortunately, Rowe doesn't have to part with everything Muche made for him -- and for his beloved four-legged friend Freddy. Freddy also received his own smaller quilt; Rowe shared these photos of Freddy's quilt, in use, on his Facebook page.

Mike Rowe under his pants.

Mike Rowe jeans quilt -- smaller Freddy quilt.

You can also see an "unboxing" video here, where Rowe pulls out one handmade gift after another, including an apron, purses, a set of napkin rings, and more, most of which he says he'll auction off over the course of the next year. You'll especially want to watch the video for Mike's conversation with Judy, in which he calls her "a dirty girl" and jokes with her about having her hands in his pants.

If you like the notion of sticking your hand in Mike Rowe's jeans every time you want your cell phone or a tissue, you'll want to keep your eyes out for the auction of this piece -- a purse Muche says she made from Rowe's "most well-worn jeans."

Mike Rowe jeans purse

Also, if you're feeling disappointed that the quilt is only lap-sized, have a bit of patience: Judy and Mike are making plans to put together some of his old jeans and shirts into a bed-sized quilt for a future auction. Again, if you miss the auction tonight and Mike Rowe's denim quilt passes you by, he'll be auctioning numerous other items made from his old jeans in coming months -- all profits going to MikeRoweWORKS.

[Image via Facebook]