Mueller Investigation Believed To Be Wrapping Up As Another Top Prosecutor Leaves The Team

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has been going on for almost two years already, and those involved are remaining tight-lipped on any potential outcomes after 22 months of the probe.

But while the actual results of the lengthy probe into President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia during his presidential campaign in 2016 are still a mystery to those on the outside, there has been plenty of speculation about when the investigation would actually come to a close. According to Fox News, the departure of a top prosecutor from the investigative team may be hinting at an imminent result.

Zainab Ahmad isn’t the first high-ranking member of the team to have recently announced they are no longer a part of the investigation, as hers actually marks the second departure this month alone. Deputy Special Counsel Andrew Weissmann announced earlier in March that he “planning to leave Mueller’s team in the near future.”

The announcement that Ahmad has completed her part in the probe came on Monday, with the special counsel’s office releasing an official statement about her departure.

“Zainab Ahmad has concluded her detail with the Special Counsel’s Office but will continue to represent the office on specific pending matters that were assigned to her during her detail,” Peter Carr said in a statement.

David Archey, a senior legal special agent on the special counsel’s team, is another recent departure from the investigation, having started a new job at the beginning of March.

This sudden exodus of investigators and legal minds is leading many to believe that Mueller is swiftly headed towards a conclusion to this lengthy investigation, which may be about time, given that it’s about to hit the two-year anniversary of its start.

According to The Guardian, the investigation thus far has resulted in five of those who worked closely either with the president or people involved in his campaign being jailed. Another two have pleaded guilty and are still awaiting their sentence, while a further 30 have been charged, including 25 Russian nationals and three entities.

And there are still the big ticket names that are being investigated. Those big names include the president himself, his oldest son Donald Trump Jr., and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Mueller has no official deadline he is working towards at this point, and he has given no personal indication of when he might be wrapping up this investigation.

Unfortunately for Mueller, the length of the probe has resulted in many losing their faith in the special counsel team, with The Inquisitr previously reporting that 50 percent of people in the U.S. now believe Trump’s continued accusation that it’s nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

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