Son Of Accused College Cheater Jane Buckingham Says ‘I’m Sorry’

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Jack Buckingham, the son of marketing executive Jane Buckingham, is going against legal advice to make a statement about the college cheating scandal which finds his mother charged, and himself and his sister “unknowingly involved” in the matter.

Jack Buckingham spoke exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter to says he’s sorry and tell the world that he knows there are people who are much more deserving of a spot at an exclusive school. Buckingham says he was advised to stay quiet, but he feels he needs to at the very least apologize and say that he didn’t know that his mother allegedly paid someone $50,000 to take the ACT exam in his place.

“I know there are millions of kids out there both wealthy and less fortunate who grind their a** off just to have a shot at the college of their dreams. I am upset that I was unknowingly involved in a large scheme that helps give kids who may not work as hard as others an advantage over those who truly deserve those spots.”

Jane Buckingham, who is charged with paying someone to take the college entrance exam in place of her son, and arranging for the same service for her daughter, Lilia, is the founder of trend forecasting and brand strategy firm Trendera in Los Angeles. Son Jack says he felt that he needed to say something about the scandal that rocked the country this week and led to 50 arrests.

“It was probably not a smart idea to say anything but I needed to get that off my chest.”

In the charging documents, Jane Buckingham is quoted as saying that she wanted to pay someone to take the ACT in place of her daughter because she is “not a great test taker” and agreed to send the test proctor a handwriting sample for her son who is said to have had no idea that someone took the exam in his place in July of last year.

But while Jack Buckingham is not being charged in the investigation dubbed “Varsity Blues” by the FBI, Georgetown University student Isabelle Henriquez is being named in charging documents for knowingly taking part in cheating to secure a place at the top tier Jesuit college in Washington, D.C., says The Inquisitr.

Also named in charging documents are the student’s parents, Manuel and Elizabeth Henriquez who live in the San Fransisco area of California. The couple is facing jail time for purportedly paying a proctor to correct their daughter’s SAT exam as she took it and then supposedly paid the Georgetown University tennis coach a bribe to list their child as an athletic recruit despite never playing the sport competitively.