‘Google Glass’ Contest Announced

A “Google Glass” contest has been announced. Contestants must submit a video to Google, demonstrating how they would use the new product. The contest encourages applicants to be creative while pleading for a chance to pre-order the much anticipated product.

Google Glass is a voice activated computer devise that can be worn on the head. Google‘s website offers several pictures and a video demonstrating the much anticipated product. As promoted by Google, the product features a heads-up type display and is capable of tasks such as recording live video, hands-free. The product is expected to be capable of displaying text messages and driving directions, activated by voice commands.

As reported by pcworld.com, the product, worn like glasses, will cost around $1,500. Google Glass is expected to be available to the general public in 2014, but Google is offering the contest as a creative way to find applicants interested in testing the product. Contestants will still pay the $1,500, but will have the chance to pre-order the “Glass Explorer Edition,” before it sells out.

Applicants interested in the Google Glass contest are asked to send up to five photographs or a short video demonstrating their interest in the product. In addition to the visual plea, contestants must submit a written statement explaining their interest.

Contestants can apply through Twitter, using the hashtag #ifihadglass, or through Google+. The deadline for applications is February 27. Anyone interested in the progression of the contest can follow +ProjectGlass on Google+, and @ProjectGlass on Twitter.

Winners of the Google Glass contest will be notified through Google+ and/or Twitter.

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