Screaming Children Banned From Australian Mall

Food Court

Sydney, Australia – Parents have been asked to keep their screaming and noisy children out of an area shopping center.

After receiving complaints from several customers about unruly children, managers at the Dee Why Grand mall have asked parents to keep their kids under control during their visit to the food court. If they refuse to keep them quiet, they will be asked to leave the premises.

According to Sky News, mall officials said that noisy, screaming, or misbehaving children will “not be tolerated.”

Manager Brenda Mulcahy said that staff and customers have complained about the large number of kids who frequently run around the food court without supervision. Mulcahy added that mothers need to “be more responsible” when bringing their children to the mall.

The notice to parents of noisy children reads:

“Stop. Parents please be considerate of other customers using the food court. Screaming children will not be tolerated in the center.”

Parenting expert Dr. Justin Coulson told The Daily Telegraph that the recent screaming children ban shows how intolerant people have become in regards to parents and their kids.

He explained:

“Anyone who has kids knows it’s far more uncomfortable hearing your own child scream than hearing someone else’s child scream. When our own child is crying we do anything we can to help them. This is a sad indictment on the shopping center. There is a such a lack of empathy for parents — there is so much judgment around parents who are, for the most part, doing their best.”

Reactions from customers and Daily Telegraph readers have been mixed. While others feel that parents should pack up and go home if their kids start getting out of hand, others believe that kids are simply being kids.

What do you think about screaming children being banned from an Australian mall’s food court?