March 11, 2019
Donald Trump Has 'Daddy Issues,' Claims Psychiatrist

The 2020 presidential election is fast approaching, and President Donald Trump is already gearing up for the race.

According to media reports, Trump's 2020 re-election campaign will resemble his 2016 ascendance to the White House, with a few tweaks. Trump will likely continue delivering raw, populist, nationalist messages while attacking the Democratic Party over its perceived leftward shift, according to The Washington Post.

Trump will also likely utilize his signature, combative debating style in 2020. As Business Insider reported, the president is already brainstorming nicknames for Democratic candidates looking to challenge him in 2020, which he aims to use in order to insult, ridicule, and discredit his opponents.

In order to better understand the president's psychological motives, Raw Story talked to renowned psychiatrist Dr. Steve Wruble.

President Trump's unique governing and campaigning style was, along with his mental health, the main topic of the publication's conversation with the psychiatrist, who specializes in anxiety and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders, as well as trauma.

According to Dr. Wruble, Trump will likely not be able to "contain himself" in 2020, which promises another highly-combative presidential race.

"It's doubtful if Trump can contain himself even if his advisers plead with him. He has shown all along that he not only enjoys but actually feeds off the energy of a good fight rather than play the role of dignified statesman," he said.

According to the psychiatrist, who claims that there is "enough public information to understand important aspects" of the president's "personality," Trump's recent speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference is indicative of what his 2020 re-election campaign rhetoric will be like.

But where does this behavior come from?

In Dr. Wruble's opinion, Donald Trump has "daddy issues."

The psychiatrist explained to Raw Story that Donald Trump's public statements about his relationship with Fred Trump indicate that the president indeed has "daddy issues." Trump answers to journalists' questions about the relationship with his father demonstrate that the commander in chief is essentially "an adolescent stuck in a battle with his long deceased father," according to Wruble.
"I wrote about Donald Trump's 'daddy issues,' because they were obvious from the many accounts we have of his interactions with his father. The competition between father and son is famous."
The psychiatrist named a few examples that he believes prove that Donald Trump has "daddy issues." According to Dr. Wruble, the fact that the president suggested in public statements that his late father Fred would "approve" of his presidency -- coupled with the fact that the relationship between Donald and Fred appears to have been a competitive one -- shows that the president indeed has deep-seated "daddy issues."

But it is not only Trump that can be "diagnosed" with "daddy issues," according to the psychiatrist, but his supporters also can, too. In Dr. Wruble's professional opinion, Trump supporters -- much like the president -- are "looking to a father figure who can help deliver them from their sense of powerlessness."