Eric Trump Thinks His Dad Winning The Presidency May Not Have Been Worth The Pressure It Put On The Family

Eric Trump may be having second thoughts about his dad winning the presidency.

In a new interview with Brian Kilmeade, host of one of Donald Trump’s favorite shows, Fox & Friends, Eric expressed some doubts about whether it was worth all the attention and scrutiny it has brought to the Trump family. During the radio interview, Kilmeade asked Eric if he and his father ever talk about whether the shocking 2016 election win was worth it, to “have the family dynamics be put to this type of pressure.”

As The Daily Beast noted, Eric Trump admitted that “one hundred percent” he thought about whether it was worth it, though he never spoke about that specifically with his father.

Eric has been one of the least politically active of Trump’s adult children, keeping his focus mostly on running the family company and rarely appearing at political events. His older brother, Donald Trump Jr., has gone the opposite direction. While both Eric and Donald Jr. both have roles overseeing the Trump Organization, Eric sticks mostly to the business, and his Twitter feed reflects it. Eric rarely gets in the weeds in political debates, tweeting mostly about developments with the company and bragging about the Trump Organization golf courses.

Donald Trump Jr., however, has become increasingly politically active since his father moved into the White House. While Don Jr.’s Twitter feed shows that he has been advocating right-wing issues since long before his father ran for president, he has since 2016 become even more front-and-center on political issues and as a surrogate for his father. Donald Trump Jr. is a fixture on the campaign circuit with his father, becoming a crowd favorite and even breaking off from his father to campaign alone for Republican candidates.

That has even led to speculation that Donald Trump Jr. could be angling for a career in politics himself, though he has denied any desire to run for office now.

While Eric Trump admitted that he had second thoughts about whether his father’s 2016 election win was worth it, he also told Kilmeade that he is stopped every day by people who thank him and the Trump family for “the sacrifices you’ve made.”

“I mean, this was a billionaire who gave up an unbelievable life to go get punched on the chin every single day,” Eric Trump said.

“To get abused, and quite frankly, as a family we’ve done that as well.”

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