Russian Politician Mikhail Pakhomov Found Dead In Cement-Filled Barrel

Russian politician Mikhail Pakhomov was found dead in a barrel of cement last week. Investigators stated on Monday that they believe his death was related to unpaid debts.

Pakhomov, 36, a father of two, was abducted from Lipetsk last week. His body was discovered 200 miles away from the abduction site.

He was a prominent member of the Lipetsk city council, reports The Daily Mail. Police have arrested eight people suspected of being involvement in Pakhomov’s murder.

One of those arrested is Yevgeny Kharitonov, a 40-year-old former states utilities official. It is believed that the politician owed Kharitonov money.

Kharitonov was charged with armed kidnapping, while seven others were charged with abduction and stealing 8,500 pounds worth of items from Pakhomov.

The Huffington Post notes that a spokesperson for Russia’s Investigative Committee stated of the murder:

“Pakhomov’s body was discovered in a barrel of cement near the village of Obukhovo in the Moscow Region district of Noginsk.”

The politician, who belongs to President Putin’s United Russia party, was abducted last Tuesday. Witnesses recalled seeing two men pushing a third man into a car. The victim’s jeans, a shoe, and his cell phone were left at the scene. The items left behind allowed police to identified the kidnapped man as Pakhomov.

More of the politician’s belongings were discovered in a Hyundai car the next day after it was stopped for speeding. The two men in the car were arrested. Their evidence led to the discovery of the politician’s body.

Mikhail Pakhomov was considered an up-and-coming star in Putin’s party.