New York Mom Does Striptease During School Assembly

Albany, NY – Aydrea Meaders stripped during a school assembly in front of about students. It is still unknown why the New York mom opted to do a striptease in front of the children and the staff. Albany School District officials noted the school assembly had been a “terrific event” until the impromptu striptease.

Children were dancing on the stage when Aydrea Meaders decided to join the students and perform a striptease, NewsOne notes. School administrator Ron Lesko noted that having a mom on stage was not a part of the planned routine, but that she initially did not do anything inappropriate.

After being on stage during the school assembly for a little while, Meaders moved in front of the dancing students and began stripping. First Aydrea removed her coat, and then she stripped off all her clothing from the waist up, The Blazenotes.

Amid the shock of seeing a mom perform a striptease during a school assembly, staff and other parents rushed the stage. After the students’ eyes were shielded from the nearly naked woman, police officers were called to the school.

Lesko had this to say about the school assembly striptease:

“No behavior that anyone encountered in the course of the assembly indicated that she was about to expose herself in front of a group of children. And she spent a fair amount of time during the assembly talking to the principal, and they were having a perfectly normal conversation.

Aydrea Meaders,24, was arrested and charged with seven counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of public lewdness.

Why do you think the New York mom did a striptease during the elementary school assembly?

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