Stripper Unemployment Benefits: Exotic Dancers In Kansas Collect The Gov Check

Stripper unemployment benefits just became the law of the land, at least in Kansas. The Kansas Supreme Court ruled that exotic dancers at a strip club called Club Orleans have the right to collect unemployment insurance as employees and should not be considered independent contractors.

In 2005, one of Club Orlean’s strippers filed an unemployment claim. The strip club considered their exotic dancers to be independent contractors since the strippers earn money solely through cash tips and technically they are renting space on the stage for them to perform.

According to Business Insider, the Kansas Department of Labor Contributions Unit filed a lawsuit against the owner of the strip club, Milano’s. The Kansas Supreme Court decided that these strippers were in fact employees of the club since they were required to follow house rules, which set minimum rates for particular dances and rules binding interactions with customers.

Michael Merriam, an attorney for Milano’s, a company that owned Club Orleans since 2002, told ABC News that the ruling was incorrectly decided:

“The court relied almost entirely on the fact that we had some house rules which were requested by the dancers. They were designed to keep everything legal And the court relied on that fact alone to say we had control over them and that made them employees.”

The lawyer said the strip club does not plan on appealing this decision:

“This is the Kansas Supreme Court. This is where it ends.”

For a stripper to file an unemployment claim is just a sign of the times. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a fight broke out between multiple strippers over a single dollar bill. Sex did not sell for the Octomom either, since Nadya Suleman is now back on welfare since her night-time gig as a stripper does not pay the bills after she featured in porn videos.

Do you think that strippers, or exotic dancers as they prefer to be called, should be allowed unemployment benefits?