'General Hospital' Wednesday Spoilers: Willow Connects With Brad, Baby-Swap Storyline Finally Moving Forward?

New General Hospital spoilers suggest that viewers may finally start to see some forward progress on the big baby-swap storyline. There have been a few small steps forward here and there in recent episodes, but the sneak peek into the episode airing on Wednesday, February 12, has people buzzing over what might be coming next.

As viewers have recently seen, Brad now knows that Willow is the birth mother of the original baby Wiley. Brad and Julian know that the original baby, Willow's biological son, died. However, nobody but Brad and Nelle know for certain right now that baby Jonah is the infant now living the life meant for Wiley.

The sneak peek shared at the end of Tuesday's episode of General Hospital revealed that Willow and Brad will be having a conversation during the next show. As much as Julian has tried to keep the two of them apart, Port Charles is a small enough town that these two crossing paths was bound to happen eventually.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Willow will make a comment to Brad that she thinks he knows who she is, and Brad probably won't deny this. However, Brad's anxiety over this is palpable in the preview and he will no doubt be sweating bullets as he decides how to handle this conversation with Willow.

Obviously, Brad won't be telling Willow more than he has to and this baby storyline isn't going to come to an abrupt end yet. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that this is the first of several developments coming this week that could be part of an eventual reveal.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Nelle will reach out to Michael this week. It's not known yet what it is that Nelle will have to say, but viewers know that it'll surely have a link of some nature to Jonah.

According to Soap Central, Brad is going to continue to feel anxious over this situation. He desperately wants to move forward and stop worrying about the baby swap, but he likely knows that he can only hold all of this together for so long. Nelle knows the truth, Obrecht knows something is up, and Willow is finding it impossible to stay away from "Wiley."

In addition, as the Inquisitr shared, Jason will seemingly grow suspicious of Liesl after a comment she makes about Nelle as well. Jason is focused mostly on Sam and Shiloh at the moment, but it isn't a stretch to think that he might ultimately end up being central in helping to reunite Michael and Jonah.

What will it take for the truth to be exposed and how much longer will this storyline drag out? Fans are anxious to see Michael learn that Jonah is still alive, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that it's going to take a while yet for the truth to be revealed.