'General Hospital' Comings And Goings: Intriguing Shifts Are On The Horizon [Spoilers]

Things have been pretty wild lately in Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will see some new characters arriving, and perhaps some established characters departing in the episodes ahead. What kinds of changes should fans brace themselves for, according to the latest buzz?

As the Inquisitr recently shared, Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan) is sticking around. After a terrifying encounter with Ryan, Lulu is recovering and conflicted about her memories. Luckily, it seems that she'll steadily improve, and will be around for more drama in the months ahead.

Lulu's recovery sparks discussion about Dante, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there will be more talk about Dante in the near future. As viewers know, he was going deep undercover and had warned his wife he'd be hard to reach. However, given what's happened to her, everybody knows that he needs to be contacted.

It's not known yet how the show will handle this Dante situation. Fans wonder if actor Dominic Zamprogna might pop up again, just long enough to free Lulu of their marriage in some way, or if the show might finally recast the character. In any case, General Hospital spoilers suggest that there's drama of some sort coming in connection to Lulu and Dante's marriage.

Rumors have been swirling -- per the Inquisitr -- that Matt Cohen might be leaving the role of Griffin. If he does depart, it looks like it may happen soon. However, Cohen's exit has yet to be confirmed, so fans will have to hang tight on this front for now.

Max Gail's Mike has been moved out of Sonny's home, but General Hospital spoilers hint that the actor won't necessarily be gone for good. Viewers have loved watching this storyline, and it seems likely that more scenes with Mike will be shown in the weeks ahead.

The same can be said for the character of Daisy, played by actress Kelsey Wang. As She Knows Soaps shares, Shiloh banished Daisy after learning of her antics related to Sam. However, it sounds as if Daisy could be back to shake things up again at some point.

Fans have just met Neil, Alexis' new therapist, and General Hospital spoilers signal that actor Joe Flanigan might be sticking around as Neil for the foreseeable future. Could Neil become a new romantic interest for Alexis, as some fans suspect?

Nicolas Bechtel's Spencer is going to be back in Port Charles for a brief return, and viewers will soon hear more about Nelle again during the show airing on Wednesday, February 13. At this point, it's not known if Chloe Lanier will step back into the role of Nelle, or if her character will remain unseen. However, fans are anxious for progress on the baby swap, and having Nelle involved seems like a natural development.

Viewers will also be meeting the character of Harmony, played by Inga Cadranelappears. This is the woman connected to Dawn of Day, who Jason will track down in hopes of learning more about Shiloh.

General Hospital spoilers have not yet revealed anything definitive about whether Garren Stitt, who plays Oscar, will be staying or going. In addition, as Daytime Confidential notes, it's just been revealed that actress Brytni Sarpy, who plays Valerie, has just landed a role on The Young and the Restless. It's not yet confirmed if Sarpy will leave GH, but it seems likely, and fans will be curious to see if she may also be targeted by Ryan in the days ahead.

It sounds as if some significant shifts are on the way for everybody in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers hint that additional changes may be on the horizon. Stay tuned for additional teasers as they become available, to get a sense of where things are headed next.