'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nelle Reaches Out To Michael, Jason Already Suspicious Of Obrecht

General Hospital seems to be dragging their feet on Michael Corinthos getting his baby boy back. He thinks that Jonah died just after being born, but that isn't exactly what happened. Nelle told him a completely different story after making the baby switch with Brad. Jonah is alive and well, and Michael has been spending plenty of time with him without knowing baby Wiley's true identity.

Spoilers for this week mention that Nelle will once again torment Michael from behind prison walls. Soap Central says that she will be reaching out to her ex this week, and you can bet that he won't be too happy about that. It's not clear just yet on whether actress Chloe Lanier will make another brief appearance on screen, or if Michael just receives some kind of note from her that is sent to him. Whichever is the case, it is sure to bring manipulation and trouble his way.

Another person who won't be happy about Nelle contacting Michael is Brad, if he happens to hear about it. He has been looking over his shoulder ever since he and Nelle switched babies. Brad and Lucas are raising Jonah, but his secret could unravel at any moment. Now he has baby Wiley's birth mother in the mix. Willow Tait has been hanging around Michael now that she has access to who she thinks is her son.

General Hospital viewers are more than ready for Michael to find out that his son is still alive. How soon will it happen? It may be closer now that Jason Morgan's suspicions have been raised. He and Carly had a run-in with Liesl Obrecht last week. She mentioned to Carly that she was late in sending her condolences about her grandchild. Then she just happened to mention on how she had only met Nelle one time. Jason was standing right there and his radar lit up.

Jason asked Carly about when Obrecht had met Nelle. She didn't know for sure, so this random comment Obrecht made may have set things in motion. Jason could be a big factor in getting Michael his baby back.

In the meantime, viewers are anxious to find out exactly what Nelle wants from Michael now. Carly certainly won't be very happy when she learns that the woman she hates the most is up to her old games once again by playing on her son's emotions.

Nelle is clever. She wants Brad to squirm a little and Michael to suffer. She is apparently able to do that all while being locked up. Keep watching General Hospital in the coming weeks to see if Jason will figure out what the link is between Nelle and Obrecht.