Russian Woman Allegedly Eaten Alive By Pigs After Suffering Seizure Inside Their Pen

Scott OlsonGetty Images

A Russian woman was allegedly eaten alive by pigs on her own farm after suffering a seizure and collapsing in their pen.

The disturbing incident reportedly took place in a small village in Udmurtia, which is a region of central Russia. As Sky News reported, the 56-year-old woman had gone to feed the animals when she suffered an epileptic seizure and fell down inside the pen.

The pigs then bit the woman and began to eat her, leading to a massive loss of blood. The woman’s body was found the next day by her husband, who said that she had been in the pig pen for quite some time as he had not been feeling well the night before and went to bed early. It was not yet clear exactly what caused her death.

The woman’s bizarre death gained worldwide attention, with many sharing it on social media and commenting on the grim nature of the woman’s reported death. This is not the first time that pigs on a farm have intentionally killed someone, as a farmer in Oregon was also killed by his hogs in 2012 in a similar incident.

Authorities said 70-year-old Terry Vance Garner had gone to feed his hogs — some of which weighed as much as 700 pounds — when he disappeared. A family member later went to check on Garner and found only his dentures in the hog pen. A search turned up some other remains, but authorities found that the hogs had eaten most of the farmer. Police believe he may have suffered a heart attack or fallen in the pen, CNN reported at the time, though police did investigate to see whether foul play could have been involved.

As Slate noted, there are a number of other documented cases of pigs killing people.

The report noted that there are “plenty of anecdotes suggesting that swine are willing and able to kill humans.”

“British pigs seem to have a particularly aggressive streak,” the report noted. “In 2006, a 650-pound swine pinned a Welsh farmer to a tractor and bit him until the victim’s wife scared the attacker off with a water hose. The same year, a pig foraging in England’s New Forest—a hunting ground where farmers pasture their swine—caused a horse to throw its rider, then mauled the prone woman.”

In Russia, authorities said they are investigating the woman’s death after being eaten by her farm’s pigs.