Donald Trump Mental Health ‘Deteriorating,’ Says Psychiatrist

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As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee has garnered the attention of the American public thanks to her willingness to openly analyze President Donald Trump’s mental health.

In various media interviews, Lee argued hat Trump should voluntarily undergo psychiatric evaluation, expressing concern about the president’s fitness for office and his ability to lead the country in the right direction.

In an interview with Raw Story published Thursday, the psychiatrist weighed in on Donald Trump’s mental health again.

Lee notes that her professional opinion does not reflect the opinion of Yale University.

“There has been no word about a mental health exam, which is concerning,” the psychiatrist began, once again urging that President Trump undergoes a psychiatric evaluation.

“On top of his personal mental health deteriorating, we have the added complication of the population habituating to…malignant normality,” she said.

According to Lee, what this means is that Americans have gotten used to Donald Trump and “accepted abnormal as normal.” She noted that normalizing “pathology” is a futile effort since it is almost impossible to not get drawn into “distortions of reality.”

Donald Trump’s mental instability, Lee claims, has become dangerous in the context of geopolitics. On the foreign policy front, Trump is escalating tensions with Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, Lee observed.

The president backed a coup in Venezuela, withdrew from a landmark nuclear arms treaty with Russia, and signaled aggressive posture toward Iran. Furthermore, according to Lee, Trump’s denial of climate change and the decision to send troops to the U.S.-Mexico border are also proof of his mental instability.

U.S President Donald Trump attends the 2019 National Prayer Breakfast.
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Donald Trump is going through a real mental health crisis, according to the psychiatrist.

“Mr. Trump is increasingly divorced from reality, his lies are accelerating, and he is resorting to more extreme measures to distract himself and others from the pressures he is facing.”

In Lee’s opinion, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigations, Democratic midterm victories, and the president’s “diminishing popularity” are accelerating the crisis. According to the psychiatrist, this is making an impact on the nation as well.

The wall on the U.S.-Mexico border demonstrates that President Trump is “trying to steady himself through the image of concrete barriers.”

According to to the Yale psychiatrist, Donald Trump is searching for “external boundaries” in order to prevent “emotional collapse.” The president’s insistence on building a border wall proves this hypothesis, according to Lee, who added once again that President Trump needs therapy.

The psychiatrist recommended that lawmakers start recognizing Donald Trump’s impulses as a consequence of mental health issues. In order to do this, they need help from mental health experts, she concluded.