Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Trump Is No Worse Than Obama In A Podcast Interview

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sat down for a chat with podcast host Joe Rogan to talk about social media, free speech, and how politicians are using the medium to get their message across. Dorsey has been criticized for turning a blind eye to hate speech, online harassment, and racism, and saying that Donald Trump is no different than Barack Obama with his use of social media.

The Daily Beast says that host Joe Rogan asked Dorsey if social media is a right, or if it's just open to those who can participate in the social contract of decency.

"I believe it's something that everyone has a right to," Dorsey answered.

Rogan continued and asked if that is the case, why has he banned people like Alex Jones of InfoWars from Twitter, adding that all other forms of social media had closed the door on Jones, and it wasn't until the InfoWars host started harassing him personally did he ban him.

Dorsey answered that while Jones was banned elsewhere, he still hadn't violated the Twitter terms of service, and once he did, he was banned. He says that when Jones started threatening a CNN journalist, he knew it was time to cut him loose.

Joe Rogan said that he thought that Donald Trump's language on Twitter often incited violence, but Dorsey disagreed, saying that presidents, in general, use a type of language across all social media and that there is little difference.

"It was the context that presidents of this country have used similar language on different mediums," Dorsey said. "They say it on radio, they say it on television."

Dorsey went on to explain that even if Trump violates the terms of service, the fact that he is doing so is newsworthy, and for that reason, they would let him stay on Twitter.

Rogan asked what Dorsey would do if Trump literally threatened the life of a journalist, or asked his followers to murder a journalist, and the Twitter CEO said they would certainly "have to talk about that."

Dorsey did not elaborate about what President Obama had ever said, which had matched the threats delivered by Donald Trump, but he continued to refer to a certain tone.

Just a week ago, Trump tweeted about Nancy Pelosi and her "wine country donors" making what seemed like threats, says the Inquisitr.

Trump continued with partial truths suggesting that Pelosi only wanted the borders open so that illegal aliens could get in to help her pick grapes at her California vineyard without considering that he too hires farm workers for his Virginia vineyard.