Republicans Face Backlash After Saying Sen. Krysten Sinema ‘Looks Like Some Sort Of Hooker’ In A Dress

Christian PetersenGetty Images

Krysten Sinema made history when she won the race to become Arizona’s senator in November 2018. Not only is she the first bisexual senator in the U.S., but she was also the first to be sworn into office on a copy of the Constitution rather than the bible. Sinema has been making waves in her new post, but not everybody is particularly happy about it.

Alabama state auditor Jim Ziegler took to Facebook over the weekend to share a post criticizing Sinema’s attire in the Senate, apparently incensed about the fact that she chose to wear a dress, reported The Hill.

The post included a photo of Sinema arriving at a session of Congress and speaking on the floor, wearing a mid-thigh length dress with a high neckline and capped sleeves. She completely the outfit with a pair of beige over-the-knee boots. While fairly fitted, it was hardly a lewd outfit. The post originally included a comment about her “taking the floor improperly attired.”

People took to the comments section to slam Ziegler for his criticism of the senator.

“You have no right to attack ANY woman and her clothing,” wrote one person. Another added, “Your sexism is coming across loud and clear.”

Laurie Roberts, a columnist for The Arizona Republic, also commented on Ziegler’s slight.

“Sinema, Arizona’s first female senator, has been in office not even a month. There are plenty of questions I have about the sort of senator she will be. None of them involve what she wears.”

Following a whole lot of public backlash about his comments, he edited the post to remove that part, instead focusing his vitriol on Democratic Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, who was walking alongside Sinema in the photos. Somehow, it’s hard to believe that the purpose of the post was to criticize Jones when he had been cropped out of the photos he had posted to accompany his complaint.

Ziegler was not the only person who threw vitriol Sinema’s way over her outfit either. Conspiracy theorist and staunch supporter of President Donald Trump Bill Mitchell also had something to say about her and her wardrobe, according to Right Wing Watch. Speaking to guest Joey Mannarino on his show Your Voice America, the pair ripped into Sinema and her outfit choices.

Speaking of voter fraud, they laid into Arizona and claimed the state would “never vote for that woman.”

“Sinema, there is no way—did you see her walking around, the things she wears to Congress?” Mannarino said.

“Those thigh-high boots and the miniskirt,” Mitchell replied. “My gosh, she looks like some sort of hooker.”

“And a cheap one, too,” Mannarino responded. “Not only that, Arizona would never vote for a woman [like Sinema]. Arizona did not vote for that woman. It just didn’t happen.”