Sean Hannity Has Assured Americans That Donald Trump Will Make Certain Border Is Secure ‘One Way Or Another’

With many Republicans condemning Donald Trump for his decision to reopen the government, Fox News’ Sean Hannity sees things differently. He believes the president has made the right decision and will still fulfill his campaign promise to secure the border.

As Huffington Post reports, a large number of right-wing Republicans lambasted Trump when he announced that the government would be reopened. Ann Coulter denounced the president, calling him “the biggest wimp ever to serve as president,” while Fox Business news host Lou Dobbs claiming that the president had been well and truly “whipped” into submission by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Needless to say, these words that would not have gone down at all well with Donald Trump.

However, despite many Republicans lining up to take aim at Trump, Sean Hannity swiftly came to his defense. Hannity has long been an ardent supporter of Trump and insisted that when it comes to getting Congress to agree to build a border wall, the president still “holds all the cards.”

Hannity further noted that if Donald Trump couldn’t get Congress to agree on a border wall during the government shutdown, the president would simply declare a national emergency and take things into his own hands. Barring this, he stated that the president would make certain that the border gets secured and would do whatever it.

Sean Hannity then pointed to Republicans like Coulter and Dobbs, who think the president gave in when he reopened the government. Hannity insisted that individuals like these don’t really know Trump as well as he does.

“Anyone out there, by the way, thinking President Trump caved today, you don’t really know the Donald Trump I know. He will secure the border, one way or another. It’s his job as Commander-in-chief to keep us safe and he will do his job.”

Hannity went on to say that in the past, Democrats appeared to agree that border walls were needed to curb illegal immigration and that at one point in time, they even sounded “more like Trump than Trump before all of this anti-Trump rage and hate.”

According to The Hill, Sean Hannity is also of the opinion that even though Donald Trump has still not secured the necessary funds to build a wall, he will at some point.

“Some of you say ‘He didn’t get any money for the wall’. No he didn’t, but he’s going to,” Hannity explained.

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