Trump Tweets Attacks On Nancy Pelosi & 'Wine Country' Donors

Donald Trump is taking a new and confusing approach to attacking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. This time, the president is insulting her "wine country" donors and referring to her ownership of a California vineyard, while he is also the owner of Trump Winery and has also actively courted wine country donors on both coasts.

The San Francisco CBS affiliate says that Trump's latest tweets suggest that Nancy Pelosi and her "wine country" donors want migrant farm workers to be able to cross the border easily. He mentions "grape picking" and "easy access" perhaps forgetting that people work at his vineyards too and need to pick the grapes in order to make wine.

Trump also included Pelosi's thwarted trip to Afghanistan in combination with the wine tweets.

"Why would Nancy Pelosi leave the Country with other Democrats on a seven day excursion when 800,000 great people are not getting paid. Also, could somebody please explain to Nancy & her "big donors" in wine country that people working on farms (grapes) will have easy access in!"

But KPIX took a look at the donations to Pelosi's campaign and determined that wine country and vineyard industry donors make up a small number of contributions.

Nancy Pelosi raised $1.5 million in individual contributions, and only $34k have any ties to wine country.

Politico says that Pelosi does own a vineyard in Napa Valley where she has hosted donors in the past. In terms of farm workers, many vineyards are able to offer workers H-2A Agricultural visas to people who work even seasonally on farms.

But this is a very slippery slope for Donald Trump, as Salon says that the president's use of these visas in addition to undocumented workers is at a new high for his Trump Vineyard Estates and other properties that require farming and golf course maintenance.

Trump made use of 192 of these agriculture visas, with the number trending upward.

"The 192 visas is the highest number the company has obtained in at least 10 years. Over the past decade, the Trump Organization has requested an average of 116 visas per year, with the highest previous number coming in 2016, during the presidential campaign, when the company requested 178 foreign workers."

While Donald Trump, Jr. regularly tweets about politics despite his position in all of the Trump businesses, Eric Trump seems focused on the Trump Winery, using the California region which Pelosi represents to market Trump wine products, grown in Virginia.