Mother Of Three Calls Police On Domino’s After They Fail To Deliver Her Order

Matt CardyGetty Images

To paraphrase the iconic Snickers commercial, it seems like some aren’t really themselves when they’re hungry.

As reported by Fox News, a mother of three in the United Kingdom made a call to the police after a local Domino’s Pizza failed to deliver the pizza that she had ordered. In her call to law enforcement, she accused the restaurant of letting her kids “go hungry.”

The mother, Clair (whose last name was not published), explained that she had placed an order for £37 of pizza, which roughly equates to $47.50. She planned to feed her and her family, but after an hour of placing the order, her pizza had yet to arrive. Before long, a Domino’s employee reached out to her by phone.

The employee explained that, unfortunately, the pizza oven at their location had broken down. Unable to fulfill Clair’s order, the employee promised that her money would be refunded — a process that can take up to 24 hours, if not more.

For most, this wouldn’t seem like a dire emergency, but Clair had a different take on the matter. Turns out, that after placing the order, the mother of three had less than $10 in her bank account. With the order having been canceled, Clair was unable to purchase food for her three children, aged 15, 13, and 5.

As a result, Clair opted to call the police to ask for help. Speaking to the Mirror, she recounted the incident.

“I phoned the police to ask if they could help, I was nearly crying. They said there was nothing they could do and I had to phone Domino’s,” Clair detailed.

“The manager didn’t even offer for me to go to the other store. I said can I come and collect the money back from them and they said no they can’t do that.”

In an effort to placate her children, Clair fed her children “crisps and things” that she had on hand, but despite the snacking, her kids were still hungry. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “crisps” refers to potato chips.

“I really, really wish I wasn’t there to see the disappointment on my youngest son’s face, not to mention the fact that they were hungry and upset,” she said.

While Clair was eventually refunded, she claims that it took five days before the refunded amount showed up in her bank account. A spokesperson for Domino’s claims that the refund was processed the day after the order was canceled.

As one Twitter user pointed out, Clair could have opted to cook several meals for her children, as opposed to ordering nearly $50 worth of pizza.

As Fox News mentions, law enforcement did not take action against Domino’s Pizza.