‘Super Smash Bros’ Streamer Temporarily Banned From Twitch For Drinking Too Much While Streaming

While popular streaming platform Twitch is most commonly associated with video games — and by extension, Fortnite— there are a handful of streamers who provide other reasons to watch, such as those who showcase their extremely over-the-top personalities, or streamers who opt to wear revealing clothing in order to titillate their fanbase.

Last week, a streamer caught the attention of Twitch staff members, which ended with a temporary ban to his account, as reported by Kotaku.

Joseph “Mango” Marquez, widely considered to be one of the best competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee players around, found himself on an unplanned — and unpaid — vacation this week after reportedly drinking too much while streaming this past Sunday.

Marquez took to Twitter to share the news, tweeting a screenshot of his correspondence from Twitch, which informed him why his channel was being taken down. His account had been hit with a week-long suspension after he passed out while on stream.

“Based on a review of your activity or content, we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account,” the email from Twitch to Marquez read.

For those wondering why a professional gamer would be drinking while trying to stream, it turns out that Marquez had been drinking for other reasons.

As Kotaku reports, the controversial stream took place after Marquez had finished watching a football game — specifically, the match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears. The first round playoff game ended in a 16-15 victory for the Eagles after the Bears missed a crucial field goal in the final seconds of the match.

Presumably, Marquez had been drinking while watching the football game in question and proceeded to cap off the evening with a Twitch stream. Unfortunately, because of the amount he had to drink, he quickly found himself passing out on camera while his live stream was still broadcasting to his followers. While his channel is currently down (and inaccessible) as a result of his ban, a clip uploaded to YouTube shows off the moments which Twitch took issue with.

Although Marquez is not denying the amount he had to drink that night, he did explain — via Twitter — that his passing out was simply a staged joke.

“Last tweet about this ( for now )

For the record.. I didn’t pass out on stream.. I jokingly fell over to be funny because I wanted to take a break.. Went downstairs to talk to my gf and came back and ended my stream

Drank a lot I knowwwwwww”

While he waits for his Twitch account to be reactivated, Marquez has been passing the time by playing the recently-released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.