Trump’s Wall & Shutdown Opposed By Majority Of Americans, According To Poll

Chris KleponisGetty Images

According to a slew of recent surveys, most Americans do not support Donald Trump’s border wall plan or the current government shutdown. As reported by CNN, when a collection of major polls is averaged out, the favor definitely does not fall in Trump’s favor.

In an average of major polls taken since the government shutdown began, most Americans feel that the situation is due to Trump. About 50 percent of those polled believe that Trump himself is responsible for the shutdown, with only 35 percent placing the blame for the shutdown on congressional Democrats. Congressional Republicans took the least responsibility in the polls, with only 5 percent of people considering them to be responsible for the shutdown.

Trump’s bad news continues with polling on the border wall that has become the sticking point for the whole shutdown. According to reports, most Americans oppose the border wall by a 10-20 point margin.

Overall, the approval rating for the president isn’t looking too great in recent weeks. Currently, Trump’s approval rating is hovering around 41 percent. His disapproval rating holds steady at 54 percent. These are the lowest and highest numbers Trump has seen in these categories since back in September.

That being said, Trump’s base is still holding strong. Over 80 percent of people who voted for Trump place the blame for the shutdown squarely on Democrats, as opposed to the president.

But Trump is hoping to turn the tide in his favor on Tuesday night when he addresses the nation. The primetime address will be focused on the “Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border,” according to his Twitter account. However, even getting the address aired has proven troublesome for the Trump administration.

Although NBC, FOX, PBS, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, and ABC will all broadcast the address following the White House’s request for air time, at first it appeared that no network was willing to comply.

Networks have previously rejected presidential requests for air time for a plethora of reasons, including scheduling. In this case, they finally agreed to air Trump’s address — a move that has many very, very unhappy.

Critics of Trump have blasted the networks, saying that there should be live fact-checking during the address. Others have announced that they will boycott the address entirely to protest both the wall and the ongoing government shutdown.

High-profile Democrats have demanded that they be given equal air time to counter Trump’s statements and offer insight of their own into the ongoing government crisis.