Hero ‘Super Dad’ Killed By Home Invaders While Protecting His Daughter

Miami, FL – A Florida dad is being hailed as a hero for protecting his 11-year-old daughter during a home invasion. Maurice Harris, 36, jumped to his feet and fought the heavily armed invaders when they tried to enter his daughter’s room. Harris was fatally shot multiple times during the fight.

On Tuesday evening, two black men entered the Miami home and held Maurice Harris and his wife to the floor at gunpoint. When the gunmen tried to enter their daughter’s room, the heroic dad burst to his feet and fought with the intruders to block them from getting through the door, WSVN-TV reports.

Annie Steeler, Harris’ mother-in-law, had this to say about the Florida home invasion:

“When I found out what happened, I couldn’t believe it, I’m thinking this is all a dream. Right now we’re all numb and in disbelief. One of the guys tried to get to his daughter’s room, he jumped up and they were fighting back and forth. I guess that’s when the gun went off.”

Neighbors quickly began referring to Harris as a hero. Terry Jones, who lives nearby, stated he hoped he would have had as much courage if the home invaders had chosen his house to rob. After breaking into the home, the criminals demanded money. After Maurice Harris told the men that he did not have any money, they started for the door to his daughter’s room.

Miami Police Department spokeswoman Kenia Reyes had this to say about the deadly home invasion:

“We call these two men beasts. These men are beasts. They storm inside the house. A little girl was asleep when she was surprised by gunfire. The father was just trying to protect her.

Maurice Harris and Shakila Stewart had been married for 16 years. The couple moved into the neighborhood about six months ago, the Miami Herald notes. Police investigators are still searching for the armed robbers and encourage anyone with information to come forward.

Does the thought of a home invasion prompt you to consider buying a gun or getting more weapons training?

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