Ellen DeGeneres Shocks Fans With Rare Secrets About Her Childhood During New Special

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her bright personality and light-hearted banter, but during her new Netflix special, she revealed her childhood was anything but a laughing matter. According to Radar Online, Elen DeGeneres discussed a side of her life fans rarely hear about. During the stand-up segment, she revealed she was raised under a set of beliefs called Christian Science.

Ellen went on to explain how her parents didn't believe in doctors or the use of medication, and how their belief system affected her life. While the idea of vaccinating children is still a major discussion for many parents, Ellen DeGeneres' parents' stance was clear: they weren't getting involved with doctors on any level.

"I was raised Christian Science," said Ellen, explaining "It is a religion that does not believe in doctors or medicine."

Because of her parents' religious preferences, her childhood was a bit unconventional, and she detailed some of the drawbacks she faced. Ellen DeGeneres described her parents' beliefs as an example of "mind over matter." In a nutshell, Ellen's parents believed pain was more of a mental state than any type of physical illness.

During times of unfathomable pain, Ellen DeGeneres admitted that she didn't receive proper medical attention because her parents didn't deem it necessary.

"So my entire childhood, I never had any vaccination, never had any medicine," she revealed. "They believed we are spiritual beings having a material experience in the material world. And their mantra was know the truth. And their truth was there is no pain unless you give it pain with your mind."

Ellen DeGeneres went on to detail one disheartening incident, in particular, when she'd injured her knee. The famed comedian revealed the pain was so excruciating, she ultimately passed out. Although she was in agonizing pain, her parents still refused to seek medical attention for her condition.

"I split my knee open and my bone was exposed," she said. "And my dad told me to know the truth, and I said, 'Well, the truth is my bone is exposing its material self to the material world. Help me.' And then I passed out."

But despite Ellen DeGeneres' struggles during childhood, that didn't stop her from loving her parents. In fact, when her parents decided to divorce, she admitted the seemingly abrupt change to their home life took a toll on her. At just age 19, Ellen DeGeneres revealed she'd started taking drugs to cope with her parents' divorce.

"As a child, she never underwent vaccinations or took any over-the-counter medication," she admitted.

Over the years, Ellen DeGeneres has managed to heal and overcome the childhood trauma she faced.