Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Patti Davis Says ‘A Child Occupies The White House’

In an op-ed, the former first daughter says that the world knows that Donald Trump isn't an adult.

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In an op-ed, the former first daughter says that the world knows that Donald Trump isn't an adult.

Patti Davis, the youngest daughter of President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy, wrote an op-ed column recently for the Washington Post to share her thoughts on what is required of an elected official to take the lead in the White House. Davis, who has been working on a documentary about the Reagan family, says she saw her parents as the first authority figures in her life and is embarrassed that the United States currently doesn’t have that in a president with Donald Trump.

The Salt Lake Tribune shared the article written by Davis, which says that sadly right now the U.S. doesn’t have that authority figure leading us anywhere, and instead it has a petulant child serving in the highest office. Davis says that the president is supposed to keep us from falling and failing.

“What happens when the president is the biggest child in the room — any room? It upends the natural order of things as surely as if a child’s parents started throwing tantrums and talking like second-graders.”

Reagan’s daughter explains that many people don’t realize how much damage has been done to the United States and that the country has lost its shine, its aura, with the rest of the world.

Davis says that for now, we are stuck with a president who won’t stand up to the Saudis when they order the murder of a journalist or call out a leader like Vladimir Putin when he interferes in our elections.

“Children know how to scream and sulk; they don’t know how to take control and restore order. They don’t know how to plot out a responsible position and then act on it. A child occupies the White House, and the world knows it.”

Davis shares a story of the children of a friend who thought it was funny recently when the president called another adult a “Horseface,” and then told a journalist that they were stupid.

“Nine-year-olds should be able to look up to the president of the United States, not feel that the president is one of them.”

The youngest Reagan daughter continues, saying that Trump has shut America’s door in the way a petulant child slams his bedroom door when he doesn’t get his way. She says she remembers the words of President Kennedy making her feel comforted as a child during the Cuban Missle Crisis. She says she felt better when her father told her that the president “is doing the right thing.”

She says she still remembers Kennedy’s words at that time and thinks that there is nobody currently in the White House who could assert the same.

“The cost of freedom is always high — but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose is the path of surrender or submission. Our goal is not the victory of might but the vindication of right.”