Girl With IQ Of 161 Loves Fake Tans, Manicures And Mensa

Who is the smartest person you know? Albert Einstein? Bill Gates? Well, a 16-year-old girl with an IQ of 161 makes those guys look like complete morons.

Ok, maybe not morons. But according to the Daily Mail teenager Lauren Marbe has a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. (Einstein never actually took an IQ test but experts predict that he would have scored a 160.)

Marbe scored a 161 on a Mensa IQ test, one point higher than the aforementioned geniuses.

According to Yahoo News, Marbe is a typical 16-year-old girl. She likes fake tans, manicures and going out with her friends. The young girl is happy, however, to disprove some of the stereotypes about blonde girls from Essex.

Marbe said:

“I love my fake tan and fake nails as well so I guess I am a bit of an Essex girl in that sense. (But) I’m glad that I might be able to show people that we aren’t all ditzy and blonde.”

Marbe, who is already a straight A student, decided to take the Mensa IQ test for fun with her friends. The 16-year-old girl said that she was “blown away” to find out that she had an IQ of 161.

Marbe said:

“It was such an achievement and I got a bit tearful to tell you the truth … I was one of the last people to get my result and everybody before me had got around the 130 mark so that was the kind of result I was expecting. My teachers knew I was quite clever because of my grades but they had always thought I was blonde and a bit ditzy.”

The Essex girl has was enrolled into the Mensa Society and plans on studying architecture this Summer.