'MSNBC' Analyst Slams Trump Over Shutdown Threats: 'He's Just Thrashing Anything He Possibly Can'

Damir Mujezinovic

One of the most significant dramas currently unfolding in American politics is President Donald Trump's government shutdown threat. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Trump is threatening a government shutdown if Congress doesn't approve funding for his border wall.

Earlier today, White House adviser and the alleged architect of Trump's immigration policy, Stephen Miller, said that the president is "absolutely" willing to shut the government down if Congress fails to provide the administration with $5 billion. Currently, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer seems fine with $1.6 billion, which is apparently not enough for President Donald Trump.

As a shutdown looms, some are pointing out that Donald Trump is "thrashing before going under." That is what an MSNBC analyst concluded today, according to Raw Story.

"I feel like what we're seeing right now is when someone's thrashing right before they start going under, He's just thrashing anything he possibly can so that he can try to get some sort of win out of this," Democratic strategist Emily Tisch Sussman opined.

MSNBC host Reverend Al Sharpton pointed out that the number of immigrants crossing the border is down.

"You wouldn't know it from the hysteria," he said.

Not only is the number of immigrants crossing the border down, Trump is also failing to deliver on one of his key campaign promises.

Writing about ICE's latest reports, the Washington Post noted that Donald Trump -- who deported more than 256,000 individuals in 2018 -- continues to trail Barack Obama who deported 409,849 in 2012. According to PolitiFact, Trump vowed to deport 11 million illegal immigrants during the 2016 presidential campaign, so it is safe to conclude that the president is failing to deliver on one of his key campaign promises.

Sussman added that Donald Trump was unable to get funding for his expensive border project when the Republican Party controlled both chambers of Congress, which means that the chances of him getting it now are virtually non existent.

"Look, he couldn't get the border wall down when he controlled both houses and now he's going to say he wants $5 billion for something we don't need," Sussman said, pointing out that the "optics" of shutting the government down would be terrible for the president. "He must be hearing that on the inside as well," she concluded.