White House Petition Seeks To Send Ted Nugent To Afghanistan

Ted Nugent Afghanistan

Ted Nugent likes guns, so why not send him to the only Wild West left on the planet?

That’s the idea behind novelist Douglas Anthony Cooper’s new White House petition. In an op-ed for The Huffington Post, Cooper suggests sending Nugent to serve on the front lines in Afghanistan because the controversial fun rights activist is “perhaps the most courageous man in America,” and “America needs courageous men.”

The tongue-in-cheek op-ed serves as an ideological launching pad for a White House petition to get Nugent to sign up with the US military for immediate service overseas.

“Mr. President, draft the Nuge. Let them know what the Great American Satan looks like turned up to eleven,” he writes.

Nugent has proven to be a very controversial figure in the gun rights debate. Admittedly, he is a capable apologist for gun ownership, and can readily persuade with fact based arguments why Mr. and Mrs. America should have the freedom to exercise the Second Amendment. But then he goes and blows it by threatening the president and saying a bunch of violent and controversial stuff.

Most recently, he has been invited to tonight’s State of the Union address, and once again, “The Nuge” has backed off some, claiming that he will play nice and even show up unarmed. Thanks for that, Ted.

Unfortunately for Mr. Cooper, the White House seems to be cracking down on tongue-in-cheek petitions lately. Clicking on the link to his “send Ted Nugent to Afghanistan” sends you to a brief apology page on the We The People website, explaining that the petition was removed for violating the Terms of Participation.

Do you think that Ted Nugent should put his money where his mouth is and sign up to fight in Afghanistan?