Ted Nugent At State Of The Union? For Real?

Ted Nugent was invited to the State Of The Union address this week, in an act of what can only be deemed defiance given his previous violent and inappropriate comments directed at President Obama.

Ted Nugent was invited to the State Of The Union by, of course, fellow gun-hugger Representative Steve Stockman of Texas, who recently threatened to file impeachment documents against President Obama if he so much as utters the words “gun control” after the recent tragedy in Newtown. So, that happened.

Ted Nugent has, as you may recall, insinuated that President Obama’s re-election (which also happened) would incite him to engage in perhaps some violent retaliation, prompting a Secret Service sit-down with the musician and draft-dodger and all around horrible person to discuss his statements.

Nugent also caterwauled about “makers and takers” when Obama bested Romney in the November electoral stakes, throwing a big pity party on Twitter about how America was ruined and who let all the black people in. (Ironically, the lion’s share of Nugent fans and supporters in this come from tax dollar draining and welfare sponging red states.)

So why wouldn’t anyone invite Ted Nugent to a serious and big-deal political event, it’s totally not disrespectful, right? We’re sure if someone made vague threats about George Bush they’d roll out the red carpet.

Actually, Nugent says he’s well aware of the respect issue, and promises to be a good boy — though he didn’t promise not to deliberately soil himself in protest. The musician explained:

“I will be there with a deep, abiding respect for the office of the presidency … I’m not here to represent any specific cause other than freedom and independence and ‘we the people.’ “

In what we can only imagine is a goodwill gesture, Ted says he isn’t even going to arm up ahead of the State Of The Union, adding:

“I will go in at least 20 pounds lighter than I normally walk … I will be going in sans the hardware store on my belt. I live a well-armed life, and I’ve got to demilitarize before I go.”

ted nugent

Stockman was not apologetic for inviting Ted Nugent to the State Of The Union, despite the trifling manner of the whole Secret Service investigation thing. The Texan simply stated that Nugent “speaks for millions of Americans who understand how the Second Amendment protects freedom and stops crime.”

Do you think this sort of business would fly in the administrations of any of the previous presidents? Do you think it’s incredibly disrespectful to President Obama to invite Ted Nugent to his State Of The Union address?