Kevin Spacey Allegedly ‘In Hiding’ Amid Allegations Of Sexual Assault, Per ‘Radar Online’

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By now, most fans know that Kevin Spacey is at the center of a sexual assault scandal that could likely derail his life and destroy his career. But, according to Radar Online, the former House of Cards actor is going to great lengths to ensure that doesn’t happen. It has been reported that Kevin Spacey has gone into hiding in order to avoid the allegations. Reports suggest that Spacey has avoided the public eye at all costs, as he was last seen in November of 2017.

During the time which he was last seen, he was reportedly dressed in disguise and jogging around a rehabilitation facility in Arizona which costs $25,000 a month. Spacey was supposed to be at the facility for approximately 45 days, but the publication reports that he checked himself out of the facility just 21 days after checking in.

There is now speculation that Kevin Spacey abruptly left the facility in an effort to avoid the legal repercussions which he could face as a result of the allegations from several victims in the United States and England. Kevin Spacey reportedly left the facility by private jet and traveled to the “South of France, the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, and was later spotted eating fish and chips in a London cafe,” according to the report.

An insider has also discussed Kevin Spacey’s legal debacle, explaining the alleged reason for his abrupt travels. “Kevin knows if he can’t be found, he can’t be served court papers and can’t be investigated,” said the insider. “He’s trying to stay one step ahead of the London police and the FBI by continually moving and leeching off rich friends as he travels around the world.”

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Although Kevin Spacey has been out of the limelight for the past year, Radar Online claims to have located the famed actor. It has been reported that he’s now hiding out in a gated community in Thousand Oaks, California. “But even the fires weren’t enough to smoke him out of that place,” the insider said. “Kevin’s so afraid to face up to his accusers, he refused to leave — even though there was an evacuation warning.”

The latest news follows reports about Kevin Spacey’s estranged brother, Randy. Amidst the sexual assault allegations concerning Kevin Spacey, Randy — who has not spoken to his brother in more than 15 years — shared his opinion of his brother and the scandal. Although Kevin Spacey could face serious consequences, Randy doesn’t believe that he is taking the situation as seriously as he should. Randy said, “Wherever he is, it will be somewhere where he can indulge his sexual preferences… I don’t think Kevin is suffering.”

As a result of the scandal, Netflix opted to part ways with Kevin Spacey. The criminal investigation into the sexual assault allegations will likely be ongoing.