Owning A Pet Is Linked To Professional Success, According To New Survey

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Many people have pets in their homes. From dogs and cats to rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters, furry friends are a daily part of many people’s lives, and the reasons for this can vary greatly. But whatever the reason, more and more studies are showing the positive influence pet ownership has on people’s lives.

Another new study has just shown that pet owners may be enjoying success in their careers because of their four-legged children. As reported by People, a survey conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital with Kelton Research found a potential link between a successful professional life and having a wagging tail waiting for you at home.

The study surveyed 851 Americans over the age of 18, working in a wide range of different professional fields.

Findings showed that around 93 percent of people surveyed who hold the title of CEO or CFO grew up with a pet. Seventy-eight percent of those people stated that they believed having a pet during their childhood had prepared them for future success in a working environment. Around 24 percent added that growing up with a pet helped them to learn more about leadership, responsibility, and empathy than their first internship did.

Other skills this group of executives felt they learned from their pets include the likes of organization, self-discipline, the ability to identify needs, and dealing with non-verbal communication.

Many of those surveyed also added that they had continued to keep dogs in their home as they got older, and they continued to reap the benefits of pet ownership. Apparently, 77 percent of the Suite-C executives stated they often come up with ideas related to work and their businesses while out walking their four-pawed friends. Another 86 percent added that having a pet helped them to create and stick to a daily routine that increases their productivity, practice better time management, and even improves their ability to multitask.

In total, 93 percent of the CEOs and CFOs stated that coming home to a pet helps them to relieve the stress of their busy workdays and gives them a chance to relax.

As a result of all the benefits of childhood pet ownership that this group of people has enjoyed, it should be unsurprising that around 90 percent of them believe all children should grow up with a pet in the household in order to help them learn important life skills at as early an age as possible.