David James Bohart Accused Of Murdering A Tucson Woman The Same Day He’s Released From Prison

Tucson Police Department

An Arizona man is accused of murdering his girlfriend on the very same day he was released from prison, KTAR-FM (Glendale) is reporting.

David James Bohart, 34, had only been out of prison for a matter of days, having completed a three-year sentence on drug-related charges, when he was brought right back into custody following the alleged murder of his girlfriend.

Last Monday, Bohart was released from the Tucson state prison complex, according to the Arizona Department of Corrections website. He failed to check in to a court-ordered treatment facility, and a warrant was issued for his arrest that very day. Nevertheless, while on the lam, he somehow made his way to a Tucson home and there allegedly murdered his girlfriend, Marika L. Jones, 49.

On Monday, the day of the murder, a person — likely but not certainly Bohart — called 911 and, using a fake name, said that he had just been released from prison and that he had killed his girlfriend, according to Fox News. However, that caller didn’t provide any further information, and police failed to turn up any evidence of a murder. Nor did they track down the caller.

Also on Wednesday, someone — it’s not clear who — called Tucson police to say that there had been a murder in the home. As of this writing, police will only say that the anonymous caller claimed to be a lawyer and that he or she called from an out-of-state location.

Following up on the second phone call, police were able to locate Jones’s body. She had died of two stab wounds, according to the Washington Times, and had been dead since Monday. Police also found Bohart’s file of prison records at the home.

On Friday, police arrested Bohart at a Tucson motel. It remains unclear what led them to his location. Regardless, he was taken back downtown, and as of this writing, remains behind bars. It remains unclear if he has an attorney.

Also unclear, as of this writing, is a possible motive for this alleged murder.

This is not the first time an Arizona man has been accused of committing a murder on the same day that he was released from prison. As the Arizona Republic reported at the time, in 2014 Ignacio Eide Lomeli was released from a Yuma prison after doing two years for domestic violence. Within hours, he had allegedly punched a man and stolen his money and then, later that day, when the man and some associates came looking for revenge, Lomeli allegedly shot and killed one of the men.