Ivanka Trump Is Either ‘Criminally Stupid Or Criminally Ignorant’ In Email Scandal, Political Strategist Says

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Ivanka Trump’s new email scandal shows that she is either “criminally stupid or criminally arrogant,” a longtime political pundit claims.

This week, the Washington Post claimed that President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter used her personal email to conduct government business for most of 2017. The report stirred controversy, as Donald Trump had frequently assailed Hillary Clinton for her own use of a private email server, often repeating during the 2016 campaign that she put American security at risk by doing so. That was also the genesis of Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” nickname for the Democratic candidate.

Donald Trump has since come to his daughter’s defense, claiming that Ivanka’s use of a personal email was nothing like what Hillary Clinton did.

“Very innocent. A short period of time. Very early on,” Trump said in response to a reporter’s questions about Ivanka’s use of a personal email, via AOL.com.

Trump then claimed that Hillary deleted more than 100,000 emails: “There was no deletion of emails like the 33,000 plus probably another 100,000 that Hillary did after she got a subpoena.”

Others have repeated the claims, though opponents note that the extent of Hillary Clinton’s private email use — and the sharing of classified information — was not uncovered until an in-depth investigation took place.

Not everyone thought that Ivanka Trump’s use of personal email was such a little deal. Paul Begala, a longtime Democratic strategist, said that he was shocked that Ivanka could be so careless — especially by doing the same thing that Donald Trump had attacked Hillary Clinton for years earlier.

“The hypocrisy of Ms. Trump,” Begala said, via Raw Story. “She’s either criminally stupid or criminally arrogant, maybe both, I don’t know. If anybody was on notice not to use private e-mail, it was someone in the Trump White House, particularly someone named Trump. Good lord. I mean, how stupid can you be, or how arrogant can you be?”

The scandal could have implications beyond Ivanka Trump and the First Family. The left-leaning advocacy group ShareBlue claimed, via Twitter, that Republicans had been warned about the use of private emails in the Trump administration — and did nothing to stop it.

It is not clear yet if Ivanka Trump could face an investigation for her use of personal email, but the likelihood would greatly increase early next year, when Democrats regain control of the House. They are expected to launch a number of investigations into Donald Trump’s scandals, situations that went without investigation when Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress.

Ivanka’s newfound email controversy could be one of them.