Apple Smart Watch In Development, Rumor Claims

An Apple Smart Watch is rumored to be in development. The new watch would fall in line with current projects that pair a user’s watch with their iOS based smartphone.

Several sources inside Apple’s Cupertino headquarters tell the New York Times that Apple is not only working on a smart watch but that it will be constructed out of curved glass.

By developing the watch with curved glass, Apple could create a unique smart watch that fits into place with its current brand designs.

Speaking to the Times, Pete Bocko, chief technology officer for Corning Glass Technologies, explains:

“You can certainly make it wrap around a cylindrical object and that could be someone’s wrist. Right now, if I tried to make something that looked like a watch, that could be done using this flexible glass.”

If Gorilla Glass is involved in the project, it will likely include the company’s Willow Glass, a bendable glass that could offer the flexibility needed for the watches curved glass.

Wearable tech is currently a hot trend in technology; however, much like Google’s Glasses project, Apple could spend years in development to ensure its newest product type is optimized for use with its smartphone line.

In the meantime, wearable tech is going beyond simple watch and glasses applications. In one case, a new pair of “privacy visors” are helping people avoid facial recognition software.

Do you think Apple will eventually carve out a nice niche in the wearable tech sector with a smart watch and other new types of pint-sized technology?