Apple iOS 7, iPhone 6, Show Up In Web Data Logs

If current web logs from one developers account are correct, the Apple iOS 7 platform is now being tested, potentially through an iPhone 6 based smartphone.

The developer claims that in the last week his apps web logs began revealing the iOS 7 naming convention alongside a device labeled as iPhone6,1. Current Apple iPhone 5 devices are labeled as iPhone5,1 and iPhone 5,2, depending on their cellular band.

The developer was also quick to point out that the iOS 7 based devices appear to be originating from the company’s Cupertino, California based headquarters.

Given that the iOS 7 platform was being tested on the developers iOS 6 app, it would suggest that engineers at Apple were attempting to test the platform’s legacy capabilities, a good sign the company is nearing ever closer to further beta testing.

A source at The Next Web claims that Apple has been in development mode for the iOS 7 platform since late 2012 and that the company will finalize its firmware featureset in the near future.

Apple likes to debut developer SDK’s at its Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and that event is normally held in June.

While details about the iOS 7 are shrouded in the type of secrecy Apple is known for, we are fairly certain the mobile OS will arrive with drastically improved mapping tools.

With The Inquisitr attending CES 2013 next week, we will be interested to see what type of competition Apple can expect from its Google Android and Windows Phone 8 competitors in 2013.

Are you excited for iOS 7 to arrive, or has Google Android impressed you enough to purchase a Samsung, LG or other smartphone/phablet based device?