Teens In Indonesia Reportedly Getting High By Drinking Boiled-Down Tampons

Indonesian teenagers are getting more bang for their buck by using sanitary towels and tampons to get high. According to the New York Post, the innovative youngsters have discovered a way to get buzzed. An added bonus to their new drug of choice is that feminine hygiene products are readily available and accessible to them.

Teens Boil Tampons To Get High

How do you get high on tampons and sanitary towels? The teens reported that they collect the products and then boil them in water. They allow the resulting mixture to cool, and then gulp it down.

A two-year-old account by a boy named “Kujay” describes the methodology as follows, according to Pos Belitung.

“The first step is, of course, buying goods. The average type of sanitary napkin used is [a brand with] wings. Then, after the wrapper is opened, the sanitary napkin is put into a pan filled with water and boiled for about an hour, [and] the cooking water is [allowed to cool]. Bandages are squeezed into the same container (pan), then [it’s] ready to drink.

“It’s bitter.

“If used [for one person], one to five sheets [is needed] to [get] drunk.”

Snopes Refutes That It’s A Novel Practice

What’s more disturbing is that some publications, such as Teen Vogue, suggest that some teenagers are even desperate enough to boil used sanitary products to get their high.

Snopes investigated and verified that a small number of Indonesian children are indeed trying to get high via boiling sanitary pads. However, they couldn’t confirm that if soiled sanitary towels and tampons were being used.

They also state that it’s not a new trend and that this practice has been documented as far back as 2016. Snopes also points out that although outlets have been sensationalizing the story by talking about the new trend, it is actually a symptom of a darker problem.

Indonesian children in the poorest parts of the country are turning to this cheap solution to get high, and the practice is a symptom of the much larger problem of poverty and desperation.

Kids Using Boiled Tampons Report Hallucinations

The National Narcotics Agency in Indonesia said that the chlorine in the feminine hygiene products cause the kids to feel drunk, give them hallucinations, and a feeling that they can fly.

WebMD reports that teens are pretty inventive when it comes to using ordinary things to get high. Besides the obvious cough syrup inhaling from aerosol cans, teens also consume large amounts of nutmeg and soak tampons in alcohol to create a buzz.