Pregnant Woman Murdered By Crossbow, Baby Delivered Alive By Paramedics

The baby is critically ill in a London hospital after the arrow hit the woman in the chest.

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The baby is critically ill in a London hospital after the arrow hit the woman in the chest.

A strange incident has left a 35-year-old mother dead in England and her newborn in serious condition after a murder in the early morning hours in the Newbury Park neighborhood of East London. Sana Muhammad was doing dishes when she was shot through her kitchen window with a crossbow.

The Telegraph is reporting that a 50-year-old man is in custody and charged with murder after he shot Muhammad, who was eight months pregnant at the time, in her abdomen with a crossbow, killing her in front of her five children. Paramedics arrived on the scene, but they were too late to save the mother. Instead, they performed an emergency c-section and delivered the baby onsite.

The victim was known as Devi Unmathallegadoo before her current marriage and had two sons with her first husband.

The woman’s husband, Imtiaz Muhammad, found the alleged shooter hiding in their garden shed with the crossbow.

“I went to put a cardboard box in the shed. He was there with the crossbow loaded. He stared at me, he was going to shoot so I ran into the house.”

He said he thought that the man was aiming for him as he ran into the house to secure his family.

“My wife was doing the washing up, I was shouting ‘run’ ‘run’ ‘run.’ He shot her. I can’t help thinking she took my arrow. Maybe it should have hit me. The kids were all there, it was horrific.”

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Holmes said that the murder of Mrs. Muhammad is tragic, and he urges anyone who saw anything to please come forward.

“I am appealing for any witnesses who were in the area of Applegarth Drive from the evening of Sunday, November 11 to the morning of Monday, November 12 to please contact us with any information they might have, however small. It could prove vital to our ongoing inquiry.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman released details about the suspect, who shares the same last name as the victim before her marriage to Mr. Muhammad.

“Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo, 50, of no fixed abode was charged this morning, Tuesday, November 13, with the murder of 35-year-old Devi Unmathallegadoo.”

The Guardian says that the arrow pierced the victim’s heart, narrowly missing the unborn child.

“The arrow went up into her heart but did not touch the unborn baby. The baby was due in four weeks. They operated with the arrow still in because it would have been too dangerous to take out.”

Police say they are not seeking any other assailants in the matter and will only confirm that the victim was known to the suspect.