Democrats Investigating Donald Trump’s Involvement In At Least 85 Scandals, Axios Reports

Mark WilsonGetty Images

With control of the majority of seats in the House of Representatives primed to go blue, Democrats are expected to prepare a so-called “subpoena cannon” targeting President Trump once they take office. According to Axios, Democratic Party officials are reviewing a list comprised of at least 85 scandals involving the president, and they fully intend on following through with investigations.

The first and most important order of business for opposing representatives will be to press the president on such delicate foreign policy matters as Trump’s stance on North Korea, as well as the extent of his business dealings with Russia and the Chinese government, incoming House Intel Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff revealed during the most recent episode of Axios on HBO on Sunday, November 11.

Rep. Schiff and his colleagues have a whole host of inquiries they find worthy to probe, and they range from the president’s unreleased tax returns to his decision to get a Space Force program off the ground — as is the focus of lawmakers like Rep. Nita Lowey of New York. However, none will take precedence over what Robert Mueller already has in progress, with Rep. Schiff assuring that his intention is to aid the special counsel — and to make the process transparent to the American people.

During his press conference covering the results of the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump got ahead of the incoming Democratic House majority by warning that he’d command the Republican-run Senate to act in kind — and to take the same action up against Democratic members of Congress should they push forward with a slew of investigations on him. “I think I’m better at that game than they are, actually, but we’ll find out,” Fox quotes him as adding before the room full of reporters at the presser.

Incoming chair of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings, responded to President Trump’s threat in an interview with This Week, per YouTube. Rep. Cummings told ABC host George Stephanopoulos that he does not intend on presiding over matters involving the president with a “war-like posture,” but that he does fully intend on holding Trump to the transparency and accountability that voters voiced a yearning for in putting Democrats in power over Congress.

“I’m not going to be handing out subpoenas like somebody’s handing out candy on Halloween. As a lawyer and as an officer of the court, I take subpoenas very seriously. And, if I have to use them, they will be used in a methodical way and it must be in the public’s interest,” said Rep. Cummings.