Lindsay Lohan Living Back At Home In Her Childhood Bedroom [Rumor]

Lindsay Lohan is allegedly living back at mom Dina’s home and staying in her teenage bedroom. The former child star continues to labor over both fiscal and legal woes. Lohan has reportedly been living back at home for about three months.

Dina has been urging Lindsay to move back in so she could keep a closer eye on her, according to a New York Daily News source. Lohan’s mother allegedly feels that L.A. is not the place for her daughter. The former Disney star’s bank accounts were seized by the IRS in December, Fox News notes.

Lindsay is supposedly getting by financially by racking up red carpet appearance fees from parties and products events. Such appearances can reportedly net celebrities six figures. Lohan was reportedly given $100,000 to appear at Brunei’s Prince Azim on New Year’s Eve in London.

The Canyons star also allegedly tried to get a discounted place to live in one of Donald Trump’s properties. The Donald supposedly did not go for the reduced sticker price Lindsay Lohan allegedly requested.

The actress was allegedly having a difficult time coming up with the $8,000 monthly rent she needed to keep her Beverly Hills home. Since her most recent court appearance is over, Lindsay Lohan is allegedly on her way to Dubai to do an endorsement for Mr. Pink, an energy drink.

Despite her legal woes and bank account bottom line, Lohan spent an evening out in NYC during fashion week. Apparently the movie star has not been reduced to riding on public transit. A car service reportedly picked her up from the fashion week event and took her back home to mom on Long Island.

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