Dina Lohan Wants Daughter Lindsay Lohan To Settle Down With Children

Proving that she may be a little out of touch with her troubled daughter, Lindsay Lohan, mother Dina wishes she would settle down and have children. During an exclusive interview with Extra host Mario Lopez, Dina sat down in the hot seat. As one could imagine, she had plenty to say about her daughter Lindsay.

During the interview, the single mother spoke about her hopes for Lindsay’s future. If it were up to Dina, Lindsay, who has been in and out of jail for the last few years, would settle down with children. “I just want to babysit,” Dina said.

In an attempt to keep Lindsay out of the headlines, Dina spoke candidly with Mario about her family’s portrayal in the media. When asked if Lindsay finds trouble, or if trouble finds Lindsay, she honestly replied:

“A little bit of both. I really think she’s a target and since I am a single parent, I think they think there’s a weaker link that she doesn’t have as much protection around her.”

Of course, that means that Lindsay can’t escape trouble, and some blame Dina for attributing to that as well. Recently, Dina and Lindsay were allegedly turned away from staying at two hotels. However, Dina has another perspective on that gossip story, saying:

“That was so silly. We got to the hotel, and there were so many paparazzi, so we opted out. We went to another hotel, the suites were full and then we ended up at the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

In addition to talking to Extra about parenting, she also went on the show to promote her new tell-all book titled “A Parent Trapped” which entails memories of her relationship with Michael Lohan, and other family drama.