Eight-Year-Old U.S. Service Guide Dog Poisoned To Death During A Trip To China

‘I could never forget her scream, her cry and her fight for living.’

A guide-dog standing on its back legs.
Wang He / Getty Images

‘I could never forget her scream, her cry and her fight for living.’

A U.S. guide dog who was assisting her owner on a trip to China has been poisoned to death by heartless animal haters.

The Express reports that Leewen Zhang traveled to Chongqing in China from California with her guide dog Julie.

She was stopping in Chongqing to celebrate Chinese New Year before traveling to Europe.

Mrs. Zhang’s plans had to be aborted after her dog was deliberately poisoned and suffered a slow and agonizing death.

Julie fell foul of a piece of chicken which had been contaminated with rat poison. The unsuspecting dog only took one bite of the poisoned meat but it was enough to kill her.

Mrs. Zhang has stated the poisoning of the meat was a premeditated attack. She has chosen to share her heartbreak along with a picture of her clutching the body of the dead dog on social media.

Mrs. Zhang shared her plight on the Facebook page of campaign charity group Fight Dog Meat. The group campaigns to raise awareness and improve the situation of animals in countries where dogs and cats are eaten.

Mrs. Zhang said on the group’s Facebook page, “Evil people wrapped the rat poison into chicken meat and spread on the lawn Julie loves to go rolling over.

“She ate one little bite, and died in a few hours with huge pain and suffering. I could never forget her scream, her cry and her fight for living. It’s been one week after her death. I am still in deep grief and now I am ready to speak for Julie and for all the animals.”

Mrs. Zhang claims that her neighbors in China often threatened dogs and talked about killing them. She said that one local threatened to kill Julie on four separate occasions.

A guide dog walking down the steps.
  Wang He / Getty Images

She also claims that the police in China said their hands were tied because there was a lack of animal rights’ laws in the country. To which she replied, “Hundreds of thousands of dogs are killed by poison in China, she said, with no rules to punish the culprits.

“There’s no animal laws in China now, doesn’t mean there will not be in the future. Animal’s lives are fragile doesn’t mean anyone can violate and kill with their own wish!”

A British campaigner with anti-dog torture group Operation Hound explained, “The police have said there is no law for protecting animals.

“I am absolutely disgusted and horrified. This is a US service dog, it provides a service to humans.

“But it is not a major surprise. In China they get away with it. People need to become aware of it.”

Guide dogs like most dogs are one of the wonders of the world. Their loyalty, devotion, and sacrifice are truly humbling. When one of these noble creatures is hurt, maimed, or killed it reflects badly on the human race as a whole.