'General Hospital' Spoilers For Monday: Laura Confronts 'Kevin' And Ryan's Angry With Scotty

General Hospital spoilers indicate that the episode slated to air on Monday, October 22, will have some juicy scenes in it. Laura is feeling quite frustrated over the strange behavior she's seeing from her husband and Ryan is scrambling to maintain his cover as he impersonates his twin brother Kevin. Where are things headed next as this storyline heats up?

A sneak peek shared by ABC reveals that during Monday's show, Laura will once again try to get her "husband" to spend some quality time with her. She'll bump into "Kevin" at General Hospital after attending a board meeting and he'll create yet another excuse to avoid spending time with her.

Laura will voice her frustration over this and General Hospital spoilers detail that she'll tell the man she thinks is her husband that she is determined to get to the bottom of whatever is happening. She'll say that she's not leaving until she gets answers, and Ryan scrambles to escape her questions and deflect any concerns.

As this tense conversation between Laura and "Kevin" plays out, Scotty will show up and interrupt them. Laura will try to shoo him away, noting it's not a good time, but Kevin will use the interruption as an excuse to bow out.

Scott will then let the duo know he did an interview in relation to the upcoming story on the Chamberlain murders, and this will leave Ryan rather worked up. Scott will point out that he represented Felicia back as this all played out and he thinks it'll be good publicity for his practice. Ryan lashes out a bit, leaving Scott wondering why "Kevin" is acting so touchy. Ryan will point out that Scott lost in that case, but Scotty doesn't let the baiting fluster him.

How long can Ryan keep Laura at arm's length and avoid having her figure out the truth about why he's been acting so strangely? General Hospital spoilers hint that this storyline will take a while yet to fully play out and some Port Charles residents may perish before all is said and done.

She Knows Soaps notes that Monday's show has action on other fronts too, with Carly chatting with Stella, Alexis reaching out to Kristina, and Josslyn moving forward on her plan to use Cameron to make Oscar jealous. As the Inquisitr has detailed, this week brings good stuff on many fronts, with more on the way with Drew, Sasha, Kristina, and others as well.

Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers regarding what comes next for Kevin, Laura, and Ryan, and don't miss Monday's episode to see how these scenes play out.