‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Liz Helps Drew, Nina’s Shattered, Ava Struggles, & Kristina’s Disappointed

There’s a lot of great stuff coming up this week on General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Drew will turn to an old friend for support, and it looks like there’s more trouble ahead for Nina as she tries to get closer to Sasha. Ava’s spiraling out of control, and now there seems to be trouble ahead for Kristina too.

Kristina has been feeling fairly lost since returning to Port Charles, and SheKnows Soaps notes that Alexis will do what she can to help her daughter as her worries escalate. Unfortunately, there’s disappointment of some nature ahead for Kristina and viewers will see Jason helping her in some way.

Drew is struggling not only with his son, Oscar, having cancer, but with Margaux’s ultimatum and his ongoing memory issues too. General Hospital spoilers indicate that during the coming week, he will open up to Elizabeth about some of what is on his mind.

He has been talking with quite a few people about all of these troubles in recent episodes. However, it sounds as if Drew will be sharing something with Liz he’s held back from others.

Nina is desperate to connect to Sasha, but her newly-found daughter nearly left town rather than spend more time with her supposed biological mother. Valentin convinced her to stay and give Nina another chance, and General Hospital spoilers hint that Nina will soften toward her ex-husband slightly as a result.

Unfortunately, Nina’s troubles aren’t entirely over. Something is going to happen during the coming week that leaves her feeling broken once again, and she’ll struggle to pull things together. Does she find out that Sasha isn’t her biological daughter after all, or does Sasha decide to reject having any kind of relationship with her?

Ava is leaning on “Kevin” for support as she spirals out of control. Of course, it’s really Ryan she’s spending so much time with, and viewers have a hunch that this is going to lead to very bad things. General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central tease that Ava will be tempted to revert back to her most evil impulses, and Ryan will surely be trying to nudge her that way.

The week also has plenty of action related to Oscar and everybody struggling with the ramifications of his illness, as well as drama related to Laura and Ryan. Viewers can look forward to a surprise for Finn this week as well, and additional General Hospital spoilers regarding the week of October 22 will emerge in the days ahead.

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